Little Lifeboats
Sing to Me Now

October 6-22, 2017

Bryant Lake Bowl

The Greek muse of epic poetry breaks down and hires a human girl as an intern when she gets overwhelmed with her workload. In a modern mythological world, where dreams and ideas are tangible things, both gods and humans have to learn their own limitations and explore the place of the artist in a chaotic world.
What happens when the worlds muse runs out of inspiration? Under the guiding hand of director Victoria Pyan, Sing to Me Now tells a human tale of celestial proportions. The last living muse, Calliope, struggles to find the will to carry on in the face an impossible workload, caring for an aging parent, and unspeakable loss. With equal wit and heart, Sing to Me Now explores the balance between a woman's work, art and the value of her relationships.


Playwright: Iris Dauterman
Director: Victoria Pyan
Stage Manager: Jada Beulah
Graphic Artist: Stacey Kawa
Costume Design: Lisa Conley
Set Design: Meagan Kedrowski
Producer: Clara Costello
Calliope: Dana Thompson
Yankee: Cate Jackson
Mnemosyne: Rachel Flynn
Morpheus: Stephanie Johnson
Hades: Robb Krueger

What the Critics Say:

"Sing To Me Now has a lot of heart across the whole story and cast of characters and everyone involved really digs in and delivers this, none more so than Thompson."
-Matthew Everett, Single White Fringe Geek