Little Lifeboats
Trippinly on the Tongue: Romeo and Juliet

September 20th, 2016

Sisyphus Brewing

Shakespeare: Drunk
Trippingly on the Tongue explores the notion of play with the help of a little social lubricant. Warming our hearts and livers with excellent Sisyphus Brew, our actors will perform deeds full of nimble, fiery and excellent wit.
Two of our players will be randomly selected to get soused before they squabble, swagger and swear through the beautiful poetry of Romeo and Juliet. Whether you follow the rules of the game with the rest of our crew or only drink the words, everyone will leave a winner.


Juliet: Cristina Castro
Nurse: Hector Chavarria
Tybalt: Erin Denman
Benvolio: Comfort Dolo
Sampson: Derek Ewing
Capulet: Brian Hesser
Romeo: Antonio Jordan
Friar Lawrence: Alana LaBissoniere
Prince: Christof Mitchell
Mercutio: Victoria Pyan
Lady Capulet: Gina Sauer
Paris: David Schlosser
Photos: Jonah Berndt